Monday, August 15, 2011

On the right side

Women's heat C

Yesterday I tried to make sure I was on the right side of the top 15 cut-off, no matter what heat I ended up in... all I could think of when I hit the road to punch the last control and run down the finish chute was that I did not want to end up on the wrong side by 16 seconds again. This resulted in some 'lovely' finish chute pictures, which I will not post here ;). Instead here is a picture of me approaching control number 6:

Photo by Jan Kocbach:

Quasi race/route description:
I started in the last set of three, with only one German girl two minutes behind. I had a good first two controls (some hesitation leaving the trail to the 1st), and read ahead to have some idea what to do on the longer legs when I came out to the trail to go around to control 3. I hesitated once in the woods near 3 when I suddenly found myself in an area with several other women (it was a forked control for the different heats but all three controls were near each other). I then went the right direction to the next control, but misread the contours in the circle and botched the attack. By then I was running with Niamh from the Irish team and a Serbian. I took the route along the smaller trail slightly to the left of the line towards 5. Niamh went right in the last depression, but the Serbian stayed with me. I got to the control slightly before the others. After that it was out to the clearing and crawling up the hill to 6, where a several photographers were positioned. I took the straighter route hopping from small trail to trail towards control 8; I had wondered if it was better to go north to the trail when initially looking at the leg but opted for the more aggressive route.


  1. Enjoy your rest time, and look forward to the final! I do hope you are back to 100%. Best of luck!

  2. Sounds like you had a great run Louise. Congratulations on making the final! Listen for our Vancouver cheers on Friday! Enjoy a well earned rest today.


  3. Congrats Louise for your run. I wish I could be there with the team to cheer you up on Friday. Watch for the marmottes and don't forget to try the fondue savoyarde (after the events only though) :)

  4. Congrats on great runs in both the qualis, Louise. I really want to see those finish pix! A reprise of the KneeKnacker ones?

  5. Congrats Louise. Good luck in finals and look forward to equally awesome finish line photos. ;-)

  6. Go Louise!!!!

    Love from Mumsy and Dadso and Daniel
    on bikes in Newfoundland.