Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The 19th World University Orienteering Championships are officially open!

All parts of the Canadian University Orienteering Team have now arrived in Olomouc, Chez Republic. We are staying in University dorms and so far everything has been well organized and close by, which makes things easy for usJ
Model middle map 
This past weekend was the official training weekend and most of our athletes were able to make it onto all of their model maps.

The forest maps here have had nice runnable white forest with some denser dark green sections. In general visibility is pretty good.  Though they present a challenge with intricate networks of ditches, streams and rides, and for the middle an absence of distinct contour features…

Graeme running in the model sprint relay 

We have filled our spare time with resting, mini carting, mini golfing and castle viewing! J

Eric lining up a shot

The super safe mini carts :P

Mini cart track of doom - NB no athletes were injured during this outing 
Last night was the opening ceremonies – The 19th World University Orienteering Championships are officially open!

The first event, the mixed sprint relay, is happening this afternoon. On the Canadian team we have Emily Kemp, Damian Konotopetz, Tori Owen, and Graeme Rennie.


  1. Exciting to "watch" :D Great runs everyone!

  2. Thanks for the long post, Tori! It really gives us a "flavour" of the event.
    Here are the team results from the website:
    17. CAN Canada 63.37 + 8.10
    CAN9252 Kemp Emily Kathryn 15.29 ( 5)
    CAN9001 Konotopetz Damian Michae 13.47 (13) 29.16 ( 8)
    CAN9151 Owen Victoria Susan 19.49 (23) 49.05 (15)
    CAN9103 Rennie Graeme Jeffrey 14.32 (19) 63.37 (17)