Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sprint relay & long distance

The first race at the World University Orienteering Championships (WUOC) this year was the sprint relay. This is a mixed-gender relay, with 2 men and 2 women. Emily Kemp started out for Canada, handing over in 5th to Damian Konotopetz. Damian had a great run to bring the team to the next changeover in 8th place. Tori Owen handed over to Graeme Rennie in 15th place, and Graeme brought the team home in 17th! Not a bad result for our athletes. Stay tuned to the blog for updates from the athlete's on their race!

Sprint relay team L to R - Damian Konotopetz, Emily Kemp, Graeme Rennie, Tori Owen. Photo credit: Robert Svoboda

Today was the long distance. On the men's side, Eric Kemp and Graeme Rennie raced for Canada, coming in 70th and 73rd respectively. On the women's side, Emily Kemp came in 18th, and Tori came in 76th. Nice work guys!

There's no TV coverage like with WOC, but you can view live results, maps, and split times on the WUOC website.

Tomorrow (Thursday) is the sprint race. Friday is the middle distance, and Saturday is the relay... pretty packed schedule, but our awesome athletes can handle it! Leave your messages of support for our athletes in the comments! GO CANADA GO!


  1. The WUOC results page has Eric in 66th and Graeme in 69th

  2. and Tori in 75th. Maybe mispunches didn't show up in the live results