Friday, August 15, 2014

Team Update

Just a quick update from the team during this packed week of races, with detailed reviews of the races from the athletes to follow.Very exciting news today from Olomouc, Czech Republic, Emily Kemp placed 5th in the middle distance event, narrowly missing the bronze position!

Yesterday was the Sprint which took place just outside of Olomouc in the zoo and surrounding village. The courses started with some short technical legs inside the zoo before a route-choicy long leg, which led onto the steep cobbled streets of the village. Team Canada was represented at the Sprint by Tori, Damian, and Graeme, with the following results:

47. Tori Owen
44. Damian Konotopetz
80. Graeme Rennie

Today was the middle distance race, taking place in Protivanov, about one hour West of Oloumoc. In between heavy downpours the runners carefully navigated through a technical course with areas of thick vegetation which required constant focus. The entire team raced today and along with Emily's 5th place, the team's results can be seen below:

5. Emily Kemp
83. Tori Owen
53. Damian Konotopetz
76. Graeme Rennie
82. Eric Kemp

Post-Race Split Comparison
The final race of the championships, the Relay, will take place tomorrow morning. The men's race will start at 10:15 AM and our team will begin with Damian, followed by Eric and Graeme. The women will race as a mixed team starting with Emily, followed by Tori  and the Australian Lauren Gillis. Their mass start is at 10:00 AM.

But before the festivities come to a close, the much awaited coaches race will test the athletic prowess of the team management, stay tuned for results! Check out these great shots of the Long yesterday, curtesy of the talented Robert Svoboda!

Eric Charging Down the Finish Chute

Emily's Final Control
North American Celebration 

Concentration Down to the Last Second

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