Monday, July 1, 2013

JWOC ~ The Long Distance

The long distance was a tough challenge with route choice orienteering and lots of climb. No one had major mistakes, but the physical challenge was too tough for our team and we are not really used to the extreme route choice orienteering we were exposed to today.

With 169 starters on the men's course the start window was more than 5 hours making it a very long day.

The best performance today was Adam's 115 place in 92min15s, 22min54s behind the winner.
Adam pleased with his performance!
Adam -- "It felt less than 92min running because I was so focused. It was a battle against the course and the climb. Other competitors helped me to push the speed."

Pia --It was interesting to really compare route choice, and then to see how your chosen route could make or break your time."

Trevor -- "Distinct tree in the green! Again!"

Here are the final placings, with the running time (brackets denote time behind the winner).
115 - Adam Woods  92:15 (22:54)
148 - Alex Bergstrom  107:18 (37:57)
153 - Trevor Bray   112:25 (43:04)
162 - Robbie Graham  124:12 (54:51)

99 - Kendra Murray  85:40 (24:58)
120 - Pia Blake  92:15 (31:33)
139 - Jen MacKeigan  125:00 (64:18)

You can view the maps, final results, GPS tracks, a teaser video, photos, and more at the JWOC website.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the middle qualifier. For both men and women, there are 3 qualification groups. Those who place 20th or higher from each group go into the A final, those who place 21-40 go in to the B final, and the rest in the C final. The middle final takes place on Wednesday.

Stay tuned to the Team Canada blog for all the behind-the-scenes action! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. You can catch all the JWOC action on their website, and also on Facebook.
Quarantine before the start ~ a long wait for some! 

All the boys were fitted with a  GPS transmitter before start.

2-3 - which route would you choose?!
Alexander in the finish chute
Trevor in the finish chute
Jen finishing strongly!
Adam looking strong after his good performance.


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  2. Well done - and good luck tomorrow!

  3. Well done! No mispunches and everyone finished. Good luck in the middle Q!