Saturday, July 6, 2013

WOC - How to Follow the Action

WOC 2013 Starts in Vuokatti Finland on Sunday, June 7

Sunday, July 7 - 9:30 am (11:30pm PST, 2:30 am EST) - Long Distance Qualifier (Emily Kemp, Kerstin Burnett, Louise Oram, Eric Kemp, Robbie Anderson, Serghei Logvin)
Monday, July 8 - 9:00 am (11:00pm PST, 2:00 am EST) - Sprint Distance Qualifier (Robbie Anderson, Serghei Logvin, Will Critchley, Women TBD)
Monday, July 8 - 5:54 pm (7:54am PST,10:54am EST) - Sprint Final
Tuesday, July 9 - 11:55 am (1:55am PST, 4:55am EST) - Long Distance Final
Thursday, July 11 - 9:00 am (11:00pm PST, 2:00 am EST) - Middle Distance Qualifier (Emily Kemp, Kerstin Burnett, Louise Oram, Eric Kemp, Will Critchley, Serghei Logvin)
Friday, July 12 - 1:10 pm (3:10am PST, 6:10am EST) - Middle Distance Final
Saturday, July 13 - 1:30pm (3:30am PST, 6:30am EST) - Relay (Emily Kemp, Kerstin Burnett, Louise Oram, Eric Kemp, Robbie Anderson, Will Critchley)

Free online services
The startlists, results and live results service with splittimes are included in the competition monitoring services free of charge. All links will be on the -site on the competition monitoring pages.

GPS tracking and other chargeable tracking services
All competitions except for women’s Long Distance qualifications will have GPS tracking. GPS tracking is available on -site through the competition monitoring pages. For the Relay, the GPS tracking will happen live only during a part of the TV broadcasts. Afterwards, the GPS tracking of the Relay will be available completely.

The GPS tracking is a paid service. The charge for the entire week is 10 Euros, and with it you can follow the GPS tracking, the video production of the organisers as well as the commentaries online. You can get the service by paying the fee online with your credit card.

The organisers’ own video production
The actual TV production will be supplemented by the organisers’ own video production. The video production contains the field interviews and competition shooting during the qualifications in a smaller scale. The media events and award ceremonies will also be filmed. Between the competitions, edited bits of the general ambience will be shown. Organisers’ own video production will be seen on the 2ndscreen as well as on the -webpage in the competition monitoring service.

Social Media and WOC chat
WOC will be followed actively in social media. Twitter (woc2013vuokatti) and Facebook (woc2013vuokatti) are transmitting results, athletes’ comments and pictures of the WOC week’s events. During the competitions, a traditional WOC chat can be found on the -page supplementing the social media, where the orienteering folk can talk about the WOC’s turns of events.

Team Canada Blog, Facebook and Twitter
We will be updating the blog and tweeting regularly throughout the week so check back every day!

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