Thursday, August 30, 2012

Race Techniques

Over the past 7 months during my travels I had some race techniques that have really come in handy during races and real life. I have also practiced them a lot that it is really easy to do them now. I have a pre-race technique which is relaxation and during my race I have to key words to help me focus and stay on course.

I have been practicing my pre-race relaxation for about a year now. Before race I use to get really nervous and feel extremely nauseous but I am better now I still get a little nervous. The relaxation I started out with was you would take a deep breath and clench the muscles in one body part, hold for 5 seconds and breath out I start with my forehead and work down to my toes. Over time I didn't need to clench I could just breath and slowly relax and now I just have to say my key word and breath to relax. I have used this technique at all my races and even in a lot of stressful situation during my travels.

During my race I have to key words that I use, focus and compass. Focus is because I use to get really distracted during my races and lose contact with the map. Now when I feel my focus slipping or see someone else running I just tell myself focus and I snap back. My other word compass goes along with focus. When I tell myself compass it reminds my to check that I know where I am on the map and that my barring is right. It also helps when I fall or if I am swatting at bugs right after I just think compass and go through the steps to make sure I am going the right way

My race techniques have really helped improve my orienteering and have also helped in my everyday life. Relaxation has helped me in lots of stressful situations and I can focus a lot more on projects at work and not get distracted as easily.

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  1. Thanks, Jen! I do need to try and improve that side of things. It has certainly shown in your results!