Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Canada Cup Elite Series ~ Standings Update

The latest tally for the Elite Series is in, and we have a new leader in the women's standings! Molly Kemp has overtaken Louise Oram for the top spot, with Kerstin Burnett now tied with Louise for second place. In the men's race, Eric Kemp is still at the top of the standings, with Eric and Will Critchley now pulling away in points from the rest of the field. There are still a few races left to go this season, so make sure you stay tuned! You can view the full standings as of August 13th here.
In the group standings, Ottawa OC is creeping up towards GVOC's dominant position. GVOC is determined to hang on to the "Best Club in Canada" crown, and won't give up without a fight! It'll be tough though, given the lack of GVOC representation at the elite level at COC's this year...

Stay tuned for updates as the season wraps up... it'll be one to watch!


  1. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the update. But I missed out on major Canada Cup points earlier this year at the Yukon CC races because I was the Meet Director!

    Maybe an additional consideration for next year's Canada Cup is to give major officials of CC races (meet director, course planner & controller) 2 points per event. That way you at least get some points, plus gives a bit of recognition to orienteers who give back to the sport and help make these events happen.

  2. Interesting idea Forest. I'll bring it up with the High Performance Committee.