Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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I was a bit at a loss of what to put up for a blog post, so thought I would try for something a bit less on specific to orienteering and more to do with training and life in general.

Some friends were over the other day to go for a run (a good percentage of our socializing centers around running and eating), and noticed the cupboard near our bathroom and started laughing. This cupboard is pictured below... and contains almost exclusively shoes (most of which are running shoes, of varying types and ages). In fact, my 2 pairs of icebug orienteering spikes are not even in this cupboard as I have another box in yet another cupboard with those for some reason.

Shoes are an integral part to running, you need different ones for different types of running/training. Also, your tastes change over time... and different types of shoes become your favourite. I have been slowly moving towards shoes with less heel drop, in an attempt to work on my running form (it generally emphasizes more midfoot strike).
at least 50% Thomas's I swear!
In Vancouver the last few weeks have been mostly nice weather, with the temperature in the morning and evening slowly getting a bit more bite. We have been making the best of it, trying to get out to places that might not be as easy in bad weather or would be under snow in the winter.

Some of our running friends / acquaintances got together on the labour day weekend and ran the Howe Sound Crest trail. We started at Porteau cove, so climbed up to 1500m at the beginning (, but after that it was up and down a beautiful hilly ridge (mostly in the sub-alpine, and rocky in places) back towards the Cypress bowl ski area. There was a bit of cloud hanging around the Lions (2 prominent rocky mountains along the ridge), but it was clear for views in most places.
Pictures taken by Nathan Barrett


  1. Here's a couple of links for more information about the Howe Sound Crest Trail ~ it took Louise and friends around 7 hours to complete!

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