Friday, May 11, 2012

National Orienteering Week ~ What is your favourite Canadian Orienteer map, and why?

As part of National Orienteering Week in Canada (NOW), we asked our High Performance Program athletes "What is your favourite Canadian Orienteer map, and why?"

Bow Valley Provincial Park, near Canmore, Alberta
"Now that I'm able to figure the map out and not get lost, its a good mix of fast open, flat forest, and complex ridges." Will Critchley
"Technical navigation, super-fast running and one of the few areas where you get incredible views while you race." Patrick Goeres
"Great runnability, tricky terrain and top quality mapping." Carol Ross

Long Lake, Whitehorse, Yukon
"Fast, but still technically and physically (hills) demanding." Robbie Anderson
"Personally, I have a lot of fond memories of orienteering there. It is also a very technical map contour wise, and can therefore be very challenging." Pia Blake
"It was the first map that I ran on after I had learned how to read contours. It was such a proud moment!" Emily Kemp

Carcross Desert, Whitehorse, Yukon
"The scenery around is stunning, and it has so many different types of terrain in it from forested, to scrubby stuff, to sandhills, to rock features..." Louise Oram
"Amazing technical challenges mixed with fabulous scenery, and an awesome physically challenging dessert." Graeme Rennie

Lewes Lake, Whitehorse, Yukon
"This map is super technical providing a great challenge" Kendra Murray
"No other map has that level of end to end detail, good runnability but low visibility, no trails and spectacular scenery. Paradise if you can handle it, traumatic if you cannot." Eric Kemp
"It is very challenging and different terrain." Trevor Bray
"The 2011 Canadian Orienteering Championships middle was held at this map. It was super detailed, but really fun to race on at the same time." Emily Ross

Barrens, near Carp, Ontario
"This map is special to me because it is very different from anything I've ever on. It is a challenge and something that I can work at improving." Laura Teutsch
"The uniqueness of the terrain. It's also very technical yet quite runnable so is very fun!" Jeff Teutsch

We have orienteering events on all over Canada this week. Check out the NOW website and find out what's going on in your area!

You can follow our High Performance Program athletes as they train and compete throughout the year on this blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter @OrienteeringCAN

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