Monday, May 7, 2012

National Orienteering Week ~ What is your first orienteering memory?

As part of National Orienteering Week in Canada (NOW), we asked our High Performance Program athletes "What is your first orienteering memory?"

"Going orienteering with my dad. I was on a bike so I could keep up. It was the guys of the family vs. the girls of the family!" Adam Woods

"My earliest orienteering memory is orienteering on my own in Germany when I was 7 or 8, and marveling at how all the trees were planted in rows instead of being helter-skelter like back home." Pia Blake

"One of my earliest orienteering memories is running B-meets with my dad. Every Sunday morning, my dad and I would head out together on the intermediate course." Laura Teutsch

"Twelve years ago, it was Halloween. My family and I were trying orienteering for the first time and we got lost searching for a giant caterpillar. We found it eventually..." Eric Kemp

"Running my first race in Winnipeg, some trails were completely flooded up to my knees with a nice film of ice on top. I had a blast and never looked back." Patrick Goeres

"My Dad telling me to duck as he bashed through thick New Brunswick forests with me in the baby backpack!" Carol Ross

"I remember my dad making an orienteering map of the trails behind my house for one of my birthdays (not sure which birthday, but I was pretty young) - my party guests and I did a mini O course together and got a sticker at each control." Kerstin Burnett

We have orienteering events on all over Canada this week. Check out the NOW website and find out what's going on in your area!

You can follow our High Performance Program athletse as they train and compete throughout the year on this blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter @OrienteeringCAN

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