Wednesday, May 9, 2012

National Orienteering Week ~ What drives you to continue competing in Orienteering?

As part of National Orienteering Week in Canada (NOW), we asked our High Performance Program athletes "What drives you to continue to compete in Orienteering?"

"Orienteering is challenging. I want to do it well. The need to compete with other orienteers, the only meaningful yardstick against which to measure my performance, follows." Jon Torrance

"I have to win. If it were not orienteering, it'd be something else. But, since I seem pretty good at it so far, and can get significantly better, I envision there is a lot of winning potential still to be had." Will Critchley

"The challenge of each new race and type of terrain that forces you to adapt." Emily Kemp

"Orienteering is always new and exciting. Different terrain and races are always around the corner. I love to compete and I'm keen to reach the top!" Robbie Anderson

"Love of the sport, the outdoors, and the challenge of pushing your body." Louise Oram

"There is always the feeling that you can get better. The feeling of an absolutely perfect race is amazing, I strive for this feeling every time." Kendra Murray

"Imagine running over every hill, spiking every control. Flying through the forest with complete control over body and mind, it is wonderful." Eric Kemp

"That it is so multifactorial, it is not just physical or mental, and there is always something to work on." Tori Owen

"I am motivated to continue orienteering because I love getting to train or race on new terrain. I also want to have the perfect race." Pia Blake

"The adrenaline rush I get during a race and the feel good feeling you get after a race. Also how much I enjoy running in the woods." Jennifer MacKeigan

We have orienteering events on all over Canada this week. Check out the NOW website and find out what's going on in your area!

You can follow our High Performance Program athletes as they train and compete throughout the year on this blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter @OrienteeringCAN

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