Saturday, July 7, 2018

2018 JWOC Guide

The Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC) are the first championship event of the summer! This year JWOC is in Hungary. We hope that you're getting excited to cheer our athletes on.

The following athletes are competing:

Female: Emma Waddington, Rachel May, Sianna Dorsey
Male: Jan Erik Naess, Graeme Farrand, Michael Svoboda, David Bakker, Christian Michelsen, Tomas Graham 

Jeff Teutsch is the team coach and Meghan Rance is the team manager.

The schedule is:

Sunday, July 8th: Opening Ceremonies
Monday, July 9th: Long (first start at 9:01am local time)
Tuesday, July 10th: Sprint (first start 2:01pm local time)
Thursday, July 12: Middle Qualification (first start 10:01am local time)
Friday, July 13th: Middle Final (first start 10:01am local time)
Saturday, July 14th: Relay (starts at 12pm and 1:15pm local time)

Hungary is 9 hours ahead of Vancouver, BC (PST) or 6 hours ahead of Ottawa (EST).

You can get live results on the JWOC website throughout the week. Although there is nothing up yet, World of O often has excellent coverage of the event and does super cool map analyses.

Stay tuned to this blog, Orienteering Canada's Facebook, and Orienteering Canada's Instagram for more updates through the week. Go Canada go!  

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