Monday, April 17, 2017

The final race of the Flying Pig weekend was the sprint. This day was divided into two races, an urban sprint and a park sprint. The two time from the races were added together for the results. To get these two races in before midday the first race started very early which meant we got to see the sun rise over the city!

The first race was very fast through the small town of Columbus. On my course most of the legs were straight forward with very little route choice. Only one control (12) had some route choice, either going north or south around some buildings. Made a mistake here by taking one route, then thinking that route was blocked off, making me change when I didn't have to.

Most of the courses controls were in this area
In the parkland sprint there was a bit of forest orienteering in the start which transitions to parkland. A bit over half way through the course there were two route courses right after another which forced some split second decisions. I had a very good race except for another another small route choice error by taking a only slightly shorter route but going though lots of green.

Last part of the race in the parkland