Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sprint Camp 2016

Last weekend was one my favorite orienteering events, the Vancouver Sprint Camp.
The event attracted a dozen HPP athletes and 115+ participants. Thought the weather didn't entirely cooperate, the rain made the two person relay a more memorable experience.
Results (and some of the maps) can be found here.

Putting on an event of Sprint Camp's quality involves a ton of effort.On behalf of the HPP, I'd like to thank all those involved in putting on another great Sprint Camp:
Event Director- Alison Schoenhardt
The Coach and Presenter - Brent Langbakk
Organizers - Brian Ellis, Marg Ellis, Karen Lachance, Bruce Rennie, Kate Knapp
Controllers - Louise Oram, Thomas Nipen, Magnus Johansson, Meghan Rance
Course Planners - Stan Woods, John Rance, Robyn Rennie, Mike Rascher, Hilary Anderson, Ben Smith

This it is not a complete list, so to all those I've forgotten, Thank you.