Monday, June 23, 2014

Team Canada Training Camp Update

Some of the gang has arrived in Lavarone, Itlay for pre WOC training. Currently here are Damian, Eric, Will, Tori, Kerstin, Michael and our coach Toni. So far we have trained on five different maps. The terrain is steep with lots of pits and trenches but runnable forest. It seems like some of the most important skills involve knowing where you are on a large side hill and being able to identify the difference between a boulder, rocky area, cliff, trench, pit, rocky pit, cave, stone wall, ditch…
Tori enjoying Italian terrain 
Will and the boulders (which would be a great name for a band)

We are staying at a lovely Hotel in the small Italian Alpine village of Lavarone. The hotel opened for the season the day Eric arrived and we seem to be the only guests here. 
The dinning room in Albergo Corona - Eric, before everyone else arrived... 
Our meals are catered, so we get to experience some genuine Italian cooking. In our spare time we have been sampling Gelato flavours, honing our foosball skills and swimming in “Lago di Lavarone“. Life is hard : )