Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer is here! What's going on in Europe?

Midsummer has arrived, and orienteering competition season is in full swing! Many of our HPP athletes are already living/travelling in Europe to prepare for competition season. 

So what's on the agenda? Here's a highlights list to give you a sense of what our athlete's and coaches have planned. Of course you'll have to check back to the blog for the inside scoop, photos, stories, maps, etc...

June 27 - 29: Team Canada selection races for the World Orienteering Championships (WOC). 
Although some of the team has already been pre-selected (see past blog post), the final selection will take place at the Alpe Adria cup in Italy from June 27 - 29. Louise Oram, Emily Kemp, Tori Owen, Eric Kemp, Damian Konotopetz, Robbie Anderson, and Will Critchley are vying for the various start positions Canada has available. The selection committee will make their decision by June 30, and athlete's have until July 2 to confirm the selection. More information on the selection policy can be found here. Stay tuned for the selection decision next week!

July 5 - 12: World Orienteering Championships. 
Italy is hosting the 2014 World Orienteering Championships. The sprint will be held close to Venice, with the rest of the races hosted near Trento and Lavarone. It promises to be an exciting week of intense competition. Coach Toni Louhisola and team leader Meghan Rance are accompanying the athletes. You can find details on the program, terrain, old maps, and information on live viewing at the WOC website

July 21 - 28: Junior World Orienteering Championships:
Our junior athletes will be travelling to Bulgaria, accompanied by coach Raphael Ferrand and team leader Stefan Bergstrom. Pia Blake, Emma Sherwood, Trevor Bray, Robbie Graham, Alex Bergstrom, Adam Woods, and Michael Svoboda will represent Canada at the most prestigious event for U21 orienteers. Follow them through the sprint, middle, long, and relay races in this packed week. You can read all about JWOC, the schedule, live viewing opportunities, maps, terrain details, and everything else at the JWOC website

August 2 - 4: Canadian Orienteering Championships:
The Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club is hosting the 2014 COCs in Whistler, BC. Many of our HPP athletes will be there to fight it out for the title of Canadian Champion! Hopefully you'll join us to watch the action in person! Details on the event website.

August 12 - 18: World University Orienteering Championships:
WUOC is held every second year, and this time around the Czech Republic is hosting university students from around the world. The Canadian team of Graeme Rennie, Damian Konotopetz, Eric Kemp, Tori Owen, and Emily Kemp have been selected to represent Canada (Robbie Anderson has declined to attend this event since final selection was published). All the event details are available on the event website

October : North American Orienteering Championships:
Orienteering Ottawa and the City of Arnprior are hosting the North American Orienteering Championships. Will Canada take back the Björn Kjellström Cup from the USA? In 2012 the Future Champions Cup was won jointly by USA and Canada... anything could happen this year! Again, we hope to see you there spectating and supporting the athletes from the sidelines! More details at the NAOC website.

You can follow our athletes right here on the blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter! Please share your well wishes, cheers, thoughts, and praise with our athletes... they love to hear you cheer GO CANADA GO!

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