Monday, August 12, 2013

WOC week in the world

Sunday 7.7
Long qualification: Emily and Louise make final. Brit Cat Taylor surprises by winning her heat.
In the world: Djokovic and Murray battle it out for Wimbledon title.

Monday 8.7
Sprint qualification and final: Heavy Finn celebration as Marten Bostrom wins gold in Men's race.
In the world: At least 42 islamist killed outside Cairo military barracks where ousted president Mohamed Morsi was being held.

Tuesday 9.7
Long final: Emily comes 25th, Louise wishes she could have a mulligan…
Wednesday 10.7
Rest day: Competition continues as our team tries to build the tallest tower possible with scrabble pieces.
Photo: Meghan Rance
In the world: Boston marathon bombing suspect arraigned in federal court.

Thursday 11.7
Middle qualification: Emily and Louise make final. Kerstin has excellent race and misses narrowly.
In the world: The internet sensation Sharknado is released.

Friday 12.7
Middle final: Simone Niggli wins her 3rd individual gold of the championships (23rd total). Our neighbour (in our accommodation) wins the the first ever TempO.
In the world: Snowden (still in Moscow airport) requests meeting with lawyers and activists.

Saturday 13.7
Relay: Emily has a good first leg, handing off to Louise in 11, just ahead of Czech republic. Louise finally patches together a good race coming back in 10th, just ahead of Italy. Men improve position over 3 spots from last year.
Photo: Ken Walker jr

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