Monday, June 27, 2011

Update #1 from Poland

The Canadian National Junior Team has arrived in Wejherowo, Poland for a week of training in preparation of the 2011 Junior World Orienteering Champs from July 2 to 8.

Our Polish hosts are extremely friendly and accommodating. The food has been traditional Polish fare with lunch as the main meal of the day. Our accommodation is very comfortable complete with orienteering necessity.

For most of the team, yesterday was our first foray into the Polish terrain. The forests here are wide open with excellent visibility. The topography is mostly rolling hills with large re-entrants. There are virtually no rock features in the terrain, thus most control features on the training maps are tucked into small re-entrants or pits, many on the sides of the hills. Staying in contact with the map is difficult, recovery is daunting.

There is much to do and see in the Gdansk region. We have planned an afternoon on the white sand beaches of the Baltic Sea on the Hel peninsula after training this morning.

Picture #1 JWOC team sewing bee with Graeme in charge of quality control.
Picture #2 Accommodation at JWOC 2011

submitted by Randy Kemp, Team Leader


  1. Have a great JWOC guys. We will be following your progress online!

  2. Glad to hear you all got there in 1 piece. Keep the updates coming!

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  4. Thanks for the update! I love that Lee is just lying on the floor while everyone else is sowing patches on :)