Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update from Poland #3

Day 3 of training for Team Canada was more route-choice selection in the hilly, wide open Polish forests on a 1:15000 map. The challenge is to decide which would be the best route; a straight line through the large and numerous re-entrants or around on top of the ridges. Trails are often an option but usually involve additional climb.

And there are significant challenges inside the control circle too. In spite of the excellent visibility, efficient control taking is difficult. Control locations are typically on the side of hills and the features somewhat obscure. Boulders are often very small (less than 1 metre), pits are tucked into the side of hills and swamps are little more than mud holes.

It is absolutely beautiful orienteering in Poland, but it ain’t easy. A cool head and a good plan are requisites to success here in Wejherowo (pronounced “veyherovo”)!!!

Photos from bottom to top:

1 Training map for Day 3 (1:15000 C=5m)
2 Lee and Graham wading through a swamp at #31
3 Graham looking for the boulder at control #32
4 Graeme charging over the spur to #33
5 A typical re-entrant in the moraine topography
6 Coach Carol, Emily and Kendra doing some route analysis
7 Dinner in Gdansk to finish off the day


  1. Thanks for the posts Team Canada. Looks like nice forest!

  2. Wonderful to see all your activities and preparations.
    Our best wishes for a good set of races!