Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sprint Q

The Sprint Qualifier took place this morning at Sverreborg, just outside downtown Trondheim. This was a very cool place for a sprint, with an old ruin "fort" from the days of the vikings, mixed in with some forest, village of old wooden houses and some modern residential areas. The start was right next to the arena and it was interesting to see the different route choices to the first control for the different heats. Many runners got pulled off towards the wrong fork right at the start triangle!

The Canadian team did not have the best day. No runner qualified for the final, taking place in downtown Trondheim this afternoon. Will Critchley had a strong run in Men's heat B, only about 50 seconds out of the qualifying time with a fairly clean run. Louise Oram also was about 50 seconds out with a good run. Just a little bit of speed missing. Carol Ross had a great start to her race, but made a bigger mistake just at the end of the course. Patrick Goeres also had a bobble on a control in the forest, but his speed probably wasn't enough today. Jon Torrance also had a good race technically, with only a route choice mistake, but the speed was not quite there.

It's now time to recharge for the Middle Qualifier tomorrow! The Canadian Team is Louise Oram, Carol Ross, Sandy Hott, Patrick Goeres, Mike Smith and Wil Smith.

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  1. Not worth a full post but, during the sprint qualifier split analysis party yesterday (yes, we live exciting lives in competition) Carol discovered that she won the split for the third leg in her qualifier. Trivial, perhaps, but also another demonstration that she has the speed to qualify if she can string together enough well-executed legs. So encouraging with respect to today's middle distance qualifier.

    Also, Patrick noticed that I was 15th in my heat at the first radio control. I'll have to examine splits in more detail before deciding whether that means my problem is not being able to run three kms at the same speed I can run 1 km or whether it's more of an indication of how many people had problems in the early going in Men's heat C.