Friday, May 14, 2010

The Team Trials Hockey Pool

Since it's the eve of the American team trials (and since there's a lull in the playoffs at the moment), we've been entertaining ourselves by creating a hockey pool for this weekend's results. You are welcome to follow along and make your own guesses. Post your picks in the comments and tally up your score at the end of the weekend and you could win a fantastic prize (TBD).

The rules are as follows:
-There are 13 questions, worth one point each.
-This is only for the results of the official trials and not for the results of those running in the non team trials categories.

For 6 points, predict the following places for each race:
Middle: 1st Men, 2nd Women
Sprint: 3rd Men, 1st Women
Long: 2nd Men, 3rd Women

For an additional 7 points, correctly answer the following:
1)Winner of cumulative finish splits (men).
2)Who will mp on the sprint?
3)Will Joe Brautigam break 43:45 in the middle?
4)How many top three results will CSU claim on Saturday?
5)Of the top three finishers, who will have the most winning splits on the men's long?
6)Will Ross make an error of over two minutes on control 13 of the long?
7) Who (out of both the men and the women) will have the fastest split on the longest leg of their respective long race?

To help you with your decisions, here are some useful links:

Middle start list
Sprint start list
Long start list
Women's rolling rankings
Men's rolling rankings

Good luck!


  1. This is getting some American entries on attackpoint on the US Team Trials page..will those be eligible for the TBD amazing prize?

  2. Americans are encouraged to post their picks online, but unfortunately due to a conflict of interest, will not be eligible to win the prize.

  3. After the 2nd stage of today's hockey pool, Emily is off to a big lead with 4 points and the rest of the Canadian camp is in a 4 way tie for 2nd! However, with 6 points available tomorrow, it is anybody's game. Post your results and stay tuned!

    Emily 4
    Carol 2
    Jeff 2
    Patrick 2
    Randy 2