Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Reporting from Harriman TC

The domestic spring racing season is underway! After a few smaller races in the US over the last month, we are looking forward to the first major race of the spring calendar - the US Team Trials in Harriman, May 15/16.

Before the big races this weekend, several Canadian HPP members are spending the week in Harriman to train hard, rest up and have some fun.

Our first training tip is not to leave your orienteering socks out on the deck in the rain! One of our favourite training exercises is what we call "The Wheel." We had five people each setting out two controls before continuing on with the rest of a circular course. After a week full of training, tomorrow will be a rest day before we KAB on the weekend!


  1. Love these posts - the photos, the map snippets, the stories. Very inspiring and building the excitement for the US team trials - and of course this year's World Champs. Go Canada!

  2. Where are you guys staying? Looks sweet!

    Good luck on the weekend!