Thursday, September 22, 2016

Living a Dream

How does one put "a dream coming true" into words? How does one describe the roller coaster ride of emotions, those memories that still bring tears to my eyes or the entire journey that led me to my best World Champs ever?

Photo: Ken Walker
When I found out that I would be in the top 6 in the middle distance it was just like a tidal wave of emotions swept over me and all I could do was hang on for the ride. Sobbing uncontrollably seemed to be the only way that I could process what was actually happening. Which is why during the flower ceremony my face is smiling but my eyes seem to be telling a different story. There was so much happiness, so much relief, so much amazement, so much stress that had built up, just so much of everything that there was no keeping it all in.

Rewind one hour and I couldn't have felt more calm and better prepared to take on the challenge ahead. There was nowhere that I wanted to be more than in those beautiful Swedish woods and all I needed was the map in my hands and I would be off. 

Photo: Petteri Kähäri

When I look back to that first part of the race I am amazed to realise that it felt like just my usual orienteering. I was making plans for each leg, looking up for the next features, making sure I was confident coming into the circle and if not I stopped to figure it out. The only extraordinary part about it was that it was all happening during a WOC race and that was something that I had been unsure of actually being able to execute. During the preceding months I had put so much importance on these races; I had so many expectations for myself and I was very aware of the expectations of others. It felt like a herculean effort to be able to put all that to the side and remember that the results of a competition fall into the category of things that I cannot control. I could only run my own race as best I could and then accept the result whatever it turned out to be. And that's exactly what I did.

The feeling of standing up on the stage for the medal ceremony, in front of so many cheering people... that is really indescribable. I had to close my eyes and open them again just to be sure that I wasn't dreaming.

Photo: Moa Gustafsson

From start to finish these World Champs were an adventure: the excitement of the Sprint Relay, the emotions of the Middle distance, the struggle and perseverance needed for the Long distance and the team enthusiasm of the Relay. The support and encouragements from everyone around the world has been incredible and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart! To all of my family, all of Team Canada and Orienteering Canada, all of those wonderful people from Ottawa to France to Finland who believed in me and so generously helped me along the way this is the best way I know how to say thank you... to make sure that everything you've given me and taught me is being put to good use at the top of the world.

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