Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2015 High Performance Program Silent Auction at the Canadian Orienteering Championships!

While the Canadian Orienteering Championships (COCs) are still two months, we wanted to let everyone know that the High Performance Program Silent Auction will be held in conjunction with the banquet on Sunday, August 16.

This is the main fundraiser each year for the High Performance Program. The last few years we have brought in around $4000! The money goes directly towards support athletes, such as through helping with training camps and having coaches.

Donations from the general orienteering community (and their networks) are very welcome, so we thank you for your consideration and generosity! If you aren’t coming to the COCs, you can arrange to send your item with someone who is (who’s attending is listed here). 
If you'd like to donate something, but don't have any ideas, here are a few suggestions:

·     Can your club donate an entry to an upcoming event?
·     Are you a crafter – can you donate something like a pair of home- made mittens, hat, pottery?
·     Are you a foodie – can you donate a jar of home-made jam or a batch of cookies or granola?
·     Do you have a cabin that you could donate a gift certificate for a weekend or a week’s stay at?
·     Are you an artist – do you have a sketch of an orienteering scene, or a great photograph that you could put in a frame?
·     Could you ask your local running/sport store to donate an item?
·     A map or piece of clothing autographed by an orienteering celebrity
·     New orienteering clothes (or a used item signed by an orienteering celebrity, worn by an O celeb in a high profile race, etc.)
·     Any other skills that you could offer to help coach someone in?

If you have any questions, please email Emily Ross at hppsilentauction@gmail.com. Feel free to let her know if you are planning on bringing something so we can start to get a sense of what items will be donated as well as start hyping some of the big ticket items. Thank you for all of your support of the High Performance Program and we look forward to seeing you in the Maritimes!

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