Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WUOC & JWOC ~ Final Selection Announcement

As per the selection criteria for JWOC and WUOC, a final selection announcement was due this week. There have been no additional athletes selected for each of these teams, and therefore the teams are the same as in the initial communications. 

The World University Orienteering Championship (WUOC) team is:
Emily Kemp (Ottawa, ON)
Tori Owen (Calgary, AB)

Robbie Anderson (Ottawa, ON)
Eric Kemp (Ottawa, ON)
Damian Konotopetz (Winnipeg, MB)
Graeme Rennie (North Vancouver, BC)

You can read the full selection announcement, along with who is running what race, here.

The Junior World Orienteering Championship (JWOC) team is:
Pia Blake (Whitehorse, YT)
Emma Sherwood (Calgary, AB)

Alexander Bergstrom (Ottawa, ON)
Trevor Bray (Whitehorse, YT)
Robbie Graham (Ottawa, ON)
Michael Svoboda (Calgary, AB)
Adam Woods (Coquitlam, BC)

You can read the full selection announcement here

Congratulations to all of our selected athletes. You can follow the athletes on the Team Canada blog, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Alison Price
Orienteering Canada's High Performance Committee

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