Thursday, April 10, 2014

Team Canada at EOC!!

A big sunny hello from Louise and Emily in Portugal!!

The very controversial middle qualification went down today and even though we can't really comment on the results (due to some organisational problems) we can at least share some of our personal thoughts!

The terrain varied between super open forest/fields (with subtle contours) to very tricky sand dunes with bushes. This meant that we were able to run as fast as our legs could go in some parts and then waist high in bushes in others.

I am quite content with my race and was able to stay in control of my orienteering for almost the entire thing. I just found it difficult switching between 100 % visibility to almost no visibility once we got into the sand dunes. Tomorrow's goal is to be able to switch between these two types of terrain as soon as I see that things could get tricky!

Emily's route

Louise is generally pretty happy with her race with a few small bobbles that she could have done without. It's vicious competition out there though so qualifying isn't a walk in the park (literally it's more of a run your absolutely fastest in that park ;) )

Checking out the view after the race!

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