Wednesday, May 8, 2013

National Orienteering Week

In case you hadn't realized, we are partway into National Orienteering Week (NOW). This great event was established in 2004, imagined by the Calgary orienteering club. Initially known as Orienteering Week in Canada, it became National Orienteering Week in 2008. From May 4-12 there are 21 exciting orienteering events put on in 17 locations across Canada.

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Being from Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club, I'm most excited about the McCartney Creek race being held in North Vancouver. I'm out of town on the 12th, but was privileged with the chance to run on the mostly completed map. The (completed) map that will be used this Sunday should be a real treat to run on.

While this week is a chance to celebrate the growing number of orienteers, I would like to point out that numbers aren't everything. Smaller numbers means closer knit communities of dedicated orienteers. Go to events often enough and one quickly becomes part of the core group. The core group, glad to have more people out, are welcoming to those who orienteer occasionally. The sheer size of our great country means that orienteering clubs are isolated, interacting mostly at large events. Thus, the chance for socializing at the large events is extra special.

I hope orienteering continues to gain popularity and grow in Canada. As it does, the attitudes and culture of clubs will change and grow. Most changes should benefit the sport, but the tightness of our current clubs will slowly loosen. If this is the case, we will look back with fond memories on the way things used to be.

More importantly, go out and enjoy the sport here and NOW.

There's sure to be an event near you!

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