Monday, April 22, 2013

Recovering from injury

I have recently injured my ankle again but this time I am being a lot smarter about it. Last time I had this injury I rested it for a week and ran, played volleyball, basketball and soccer on it. It took me a long time to trust my ankle again well I was orienteering, instead of focusing on route choice and attackpoints I was think don't roll my ankle even thou it was taped. I was also stupid and didn't see physio till 2 months after I was injured.

This was in the Juneau airport waiting to go home

This time around I was playing soccer in Juneau, Alaska and went over on it but I was smart as soon as I got home I was icing and elevating it multiple times a day. I went to emergency to make sure I didn't brake it and luckily I didn't. I was on crutches for 3 days and elevating and icing. I took it slow when I got off them. I started off walking and progressed into running, I did trying swimming but I am a sinker not a floater.

This was 2 days after I got back

I had trouble trying to get a physio appointment but I got one a lot sooner this time. The physio told me I can't run which is a huge pain in my rear end but also smart because I was compensating for my ankle well I was running. I was hurting my back and my right hip. The nice thing is she gave me alternatives so I can keep up my cardio. She also showed my how bad my injury is when I thought it was nothing. She also gave me great exercises to help get full rotation back and start strengthening the muscle.

This was about a week and a half later

Injuries are hard to deal with. Some parts of your body might be saying yes you can do this but other parts might be saying no this is bad stop. It is always good to rest the first few days after an injury I have found and go see a physio to see what you have damage because you might be surprised with what they find. I thought my injury was just some muscle in my foot but it turned out to be a lot worst and know I am on the road to recovery and I am doing it the smart and right way this time.


  1. Ouch! Glad to hear you're on the mend, Jen.

  2. That was a nasty looking ankle, but glad to hear you're on the mend!