Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vancouver Sprint Camp 2013 and The Home Field "Advantage"

Me Running at Lonsdale
The Vancouver Sprint Camp is the biggest event of the year for my club, GVOC. And I had been looking forward to it for quite some time, though unfortunately for me this was only my second Sprint Camp! I had run on all but one of the maps before, and was hoping that this would help my chances in the new system of having an overall winner for the weekend. Top 5 in men's and women's were to be awarded a prize based on percent behind the winner in 5 of 6 SI timed races. Because of this the weekend turned into a bit more of a racing camp than a training camp though not in a negative way.

So how helpful was the home field advantage? I would say it cost me more time than it saved! in several races I said to myself "I know where that is!" and took off running. Though because I didn't completely analyze the map and realize that although, yes I new where the location was, I hadn't chosen the best way to get there. My best example of this would be my control 18 on the Setup Race at Queen Elizabeth Park.
QE Park Setup Race
For this leg I simply glanced at the map said "Perfect, I just have to cross the small rock bridge (Circled above in Blue) and I'm there" So I put my head down and ran right to the bigger rock bridge (Circled in red).
Because I thought I remembered the other bridge being wood I lost a solid 45 seconds looking in the wrong patch of trees. When all along instead of trying to remember what the park was like, I really should have just read the map. Overall for the weekend I wish I had forgotten all the locations and simply used the map. Knowing Lonsdale Quay might have saved me some time but even here I made assumptions that I know lost me some time on the complicated multi-level sections. Moral of the story - No matter how well you know or think you know an area remember that the actual answers are in your hand!
Lonsdale Quay Sprint Race
Nevertheless Sprint Camp was an awesome weekend. With a verity of  maps, forest, urban, and park, and lots of new challenges; especially multi-level areas like Lonsdale Quay! Even if it was a bit of a race weekend for me there was lots of fun to be had for everyone with the banquets, costume contest, and fun events.

Old O-Suit Costume Contest 
And even though I didn't win the weekend I still won the Super Sprint :)
Fun Bonus Event
For results all the awesome maps from this year and past Sprint Camps check out http://sprint.whyjustrun.ca/
And head out next year for more awesome and baffling sprint races and training sessions, I'll be there :)


  1. Great analysis of the weekend, Graeme. Sounds like you had a blast! Thanks for your assistance with the Capilano partner training!

  2. Thanks Graeme. Looks like a great sprint camp this year - as usual! The "local" thing is funny isn't it? I've totally messed up orienteering on the Whistler Village map thinking that I can use the local's advantage. You are so right: you just need to treat it like any other orienteering race!