Saturday, October 20, 2012

Canada Goes With Youth for NAOC Relay Teams!

At the North American Orienteering Championships (NAOC's) this weekend, both our younger and our more experienced runners have been helping Team Canada to gain valuable points in this year’s BK Cup. Several of Canada’s runners from previous WOC teams (including Mike Smith, Pam James, Wil Smith, Brian May, Hans Fransson) came up big in the middle and long races. Our young Future Champions (FC) Cup team is also doing very well against the older and more experienced U.S. team.  With an eye to the future WOC sprint-relay event, the NAOC relay provides an excellent opportunity for Canada’s younger team members to gain valuable race experience. Here are Canada’s teams (in the running order) for tomorrow’s relay:

Junior Women 1  
 1.        Kerstin Burnett  
 2.        Molly Kemp  
 3.       Kendra Murray

Junior Women 2
1.       Darya Senpanj
2.       Jennifer MacKeigan
3.       Emma Waddington

Junior Men 1
1.       Alex Bergstrom
2.       Adam Woods
3.       Trevor Bray

Junior Men 2
1.       Gavin Tasker
2.       Roan McMillan
3.       Michael Svoboda

Senior Women 1
1.       Carol Ross
2.       Pam James
3.       Louise Oram

Senior Women 2
1.       Meghan Rance
2.       Jennie Anderson
3.       Charlotte MacNaughton

Senior Men 1
1.       Graeme Rennie
2.       Will Critchley
3.       Serghei Logvin

Senior Men 2
1.       Damian Konotopetz
2.       Jeff Teutsch
3.       Eric Kemp

There may be some last minute changes to the team due to injuries. You can follow along online by tuning in to the live video feed and live results!

A big thanks to Mike Waddington for handling the team selection!

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