Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Racing Experience

I'm a first year member of the HPP. Like Will Critchley, I have transferred my focus from Cross Country Skiing to Orienteering. Last weekend I had a chance to try a type of orienteering I have little experience with. It was a 13 control course that one could complete in any order. It seemed similar to a score O but there was no time limit. I ran it in about 41 min with multiple mistakes to be learned from.

It went wrong from the beginning. I ran off towards 42, thinking I was heading towards 31 due to a disoriented map. Then I failed to see a route to 36 (the route in blue) and headed to 42 instead. To add insult to injury I mistakenly decided not to double back and hit 36; this mistake forced me to run further on my route back.
Lessons Learned: a) Plan routes ahead of time- when doing so look for a straight route, one to the left and one to the right. For more on route choice take a look at the route choice activity from the recent HPP camp, and the analysis.

b) Be cautious on the first leg
c) The ever present "orient your map"
Heading from 38 to 40 I failed to keep my head up and see the white forest that allowed me to take one of the paths to 40. There where various options for routes to 36; figure out what you would have done. My route was the results of changing my target from 35 to 36 part way though the route. Control 35 reminded me of the importance of looking up (especially when nearing the control circle) as I ran past the trail to 35 without seeing it.

Lessons Learned: a) Look up! b) More route choice practice would be especially beneficial for me.
Sage Stomp Long- Photo by Nathan Barrett

Finally, I wanted to thank you all for supporting the HPP and providing me with a chance to improve my orienteering. I am improving rapidly but still have lots to learn.

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