Monday, April 25, 2011

Tour du Marteau - Hamilton Training Camp

Three days with three training sessions a day at this year's "Tour du Marteau" (aka HPP training camp in the Hamilton area).

The camp consisted of a fast and furious day with a control picking and 'fog' O exercise at the very fast "Mount" Nemo map and the day finished with a 1km, 130m trail run in Hamilton (2.5 times up the escarpment). Wil Critchley set the World Record in 5.17

Saturday was the hilly day in the Dundas Valley including a corridor orienteering session on the new map made by Magnus J. last autumn. A route choice race and then 5 repeats of a 80m climb up a hill and orienteer down exercise to finish things off. Over 1000m of climbing.

yesterday were a few middle distance races at the flat and rocky (WOC relevant according to Tero)Rocky Ridge. Wil Smith went on the last leg of the Tour with a strong lead although Robbie A. put in an impressive 36 minutes for the final 6km course of the weekend.

Thanks to Patrick Saile for doing most of the work.

Maps and session details

by Mike Wadd

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