Monday, October 4, 2010

Turkey Trot 2010

Last weekend Eric K. and I travelled from Ottawa down to Toronto for the annual ‘Turkey Trot’ event. The event was a good chance to get some more racing in on different terrain, and to act as a warm-up weekend ahead of GLOF and the US Champs in October. In addition, a very generous $100 prize was on the line for the best overall Male and Female runners, which was very enticing.

The weekend started off with the Middle distance at York County Forest, north-east of Toronto on the Oak Ridges Moraine. My race was pretty sloppy as I wasn't focusing on the map well. The course wasn’t very difficult, yet I made several small mistakes of 30s to a minute. I attribute some of this due to the fact that I assumed the map scale was 1:10000 when it was in fact 1:5000. Needless to say I was over-running controls the whole course. Rookie mistake! I ended up in 4th place, approximately 5min behind the winner, Nick Duca. While I was fairly far back after just the first race, I was optimistic that my next races would go better and that I could still be in contention for the $100 prize. The map with my route and the results can be found below.

Middle Results

Middle Map

Middle/Sprint Terrain

Fast, open woods

On Saturday afternoon the sprint race was held on the same map. I was looking forward to improving on my morning performance and getting my technique sorted out. I had a clean race and was running fast throughout, and managed to get 1st place. I lost 20s on a routechoice mistake to control 10, but that was the extent of my time lost. Eric also had a good run, and ended up in 2nd place, 30s back. I managed to make up 3min on Nick Duca in the sprint, however I found out afterwards that the overall prize was based only on the middle and long, meaning the gap was still 5min going into Sunday.

Sprint Results

Sprint Map

Poison Ivy... :S

The long race was held at Eldred King Forest, in similar terrain to Saturday’s races. My aim was to run really hard the whole way and hope I could hold on technically. The first two thirds of my race was really good, I was moving really fast and smoothly and had lost very little time. Unfortunately things started to fall apart in the last part of the course, highlighted by a 2.5min mistake to 18. I came into the finish in 2nd place, 5s behind Eric! I was satisfied with the race but had no hope that I had made up any time on Nick. To my luck though, Nick made a large mistake on the second last control, in a vague area, and came in over 5min behind my time. I had won the $100! (Sorry Nick)

Long Results

Overall Results

Long Map

Overall it was a great weekend and it was really exciting to see Ottawa OC at the top of the results in both the sprint and long races. A very big thanks to TOC and UKR clubs for organizing the event, and for donating such generous prizes.

F21 and M21 medalists. F21 winner was Elena Logvina of GHO (far left) .

Eric and I with our 'loot'


  1. $100!! Cool! Fun post to read. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Fun to win loot. Way to go young guys. Sorry Nick ;-)

  3. I am glad that you all like my idea to put some money for prices! Thanks guys for comming! Our next TOC event is November Training camp with a limit of 25 runners! There are 2 Sprint races included, I might put some good prices again! ;)